Since its launch in 2019, STRONGBEE strives to introduce the physical and emotional benefits of fitness, sports, and wellness to the world. A part of our mission is to create a better experience in discovering, accessing, and doing the activities you love.

STRONGBEE understands that payment is a large part of your experience. Therefore, we are proud to announce the launch of STRONGBEE Credit, an easier payment method that enables easier checkout, cashback opportunities, and allows you to plan ahead for more workouts as you won’t need to leave the app to make separate payments for each class.

Different from gym or studio memberships, STRONGBEE Credit offers you the freedom to choose whichever activities or services you want. With your credit balance, you can choose from 500+ options of classes, trainers, gyms, studios, courts, physiotherapist, and events. STRONGBEE allows you to personalize the healthy life you need.

Credits can be purchased through buying a BPASS Value package that starts at IDR 300,000 for IDR 430,000 worth of credits. BPASS is also available at IDR 500,000 for IDR 700,000 credits and IDR 800,000 for IDR 1,200,000 credits. Additionally, credits will be added when you make a transaction with cashback promo which is now available for all of our services, except BPASS itself.

Aside from creating a better experience, we hope to motivate users to continue living a fit life for the long-term. That’s why we also added an “add friends” feature along with it that enables you to view friends’ activities and build your fitness community. With this feature, we hope to create a fun and positive environment for anyone who wants to lead a healthier life. Simply go to click “More” on the bottom right of the app and “Friends”  below your profile to start adding your favorite workout partners.

For STRONGBEE, these features are just the beginning of creating a platform that helps you start a healthy life. STRONGBEE always aims to give access and inspiration to make fitness, sports, and wellness a lifestyle.



STRONGBEE is Indonesia's Sport & Wellness directory and on-demand booking application with complete service. STRONGBEE aims to connect service providers such as Private Trainer, Health Practitioner, Sports Facilities (Studio, Gyms, Courts, etc) to the community.

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