Perhaps you’ve heard about its benefits and have been thinking about giving your first try in yoga. Or perhaps you saw your friends posting their yoga session on Instagram and you don’t want to miss out on the action. Well whatever the case is, finding the right class and instructor is important yet tricky when you’re just starting out.


“Engage your core.”

“Return to the child’s pose.” 

“Exhale while doing the chaturanga.” 


Those are some yoga terms that beginners might find hard to understand in their first yoga session. As a result, they might not get the best experience because they struggle to move and stretch their body.

Thankfully we discovered “Easy Yoga Flow”, Diane Rostaing’s new yoga class that is absolutely ideal for newcomers and those who wish to do easy yoga routines. Diane, who has more than 5 years of experience, is known for her powerful, dynamic, and playful sequence. Her classes will surely energize your body and mind.


“Easy Yoga Flow” is an excellent class for those who are just starting out on their yoga journey. The session is specifically designed to equip beginners and regulars with the necessary foundation before delving further into their practice. Diane knows the learning curve and problems that a novice may face. For that reason, she makes sure that each posture matches the student’s degree of experience level and pays particular attention to any difficulties they encounter while learning.

There is no rush from one pose to the next. Diane explains each pose thoroughly before moving to the next to facilitate deeper learning. She also gives options and modifications to accommodate student’s limitations. 


So, if you’re looking to start your yoga journey, or if you’re a regular practitioner that prefers classes with simple postures, “Easy Yoga Flow” with Diane Rostaing is the right class for you! Book your session now, every Saturday at 9AM, available exclusively on the STRONGBEE app.



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